[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] The Kuhlwein & Kasinski Family

PETER VON LIPINSKY lipinsky at shaw.ca
Sat Nov 16 23:50:20 PST 2013

This message is for Marvyl Ginter:

The name Rosenhain is correct. There is another place called Herzogshain, both are in ( the former )  Oberschlesien = upper Selisia.

The village of "Rosenhain" was also known as "Walspek - Rosenhain", but the name was changed on the 29. of July 1936 from "Walspek - Rosenhain" to only " Rosenhain ".  

In 1939 the village of Rosenhaim was amalgamated / eingegliedert with the village of Lindenhoehe /
Lindenhöhe.  In 1925 the population of Rosenhain was 409 souls  and in 1933 379 souls.

If you enter the name " Rosenhain" or the name " Walspek - Rosenhain"  in Google, you will get all sorts of information on this place.
I will e-mail you a copy of the district / Kreis Rosenberg, showing you the location of the village of  Lindenhöhe.( formerly the village of  Rosenhain ). Of course the name will be in Polish now, but at least you have some idea now from where some of your ancestors come from.
Peter von Lipinsky 

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