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Jerry Frank franklyspeaking at shaw.ca
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Paul (and all others submitting their data),

We accept all ancestral data.  But do consider what is beneficial to our members and that we are not a generalized service such as Ancestry.  If, for example, your mother's origins are from Scotland, it would not be generally beneficial to our group to include her lineage.  

Our Submission Guide (linked from "Submitting Data" on this page https://www.sggee.org/about_us/membership.html ) suggests that you limit your data to ethnic Germans.  But if your Germanic g.grandmother married an ethnic Pole, I'm sure we would be happy to have the ancestral data because it may be beneficial to some distant cousin or shirt-tail cousin researching the same line.  Our current database has info on connections to Bessarabia, Pomerania, Prussia, Wuerttemberg and more.  


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  Dear SGGEE,

     I'm thinking it's time to send in an updated Gedcom for
  the SGGEE Master Pedigree database. So, I would like to ask
  which areas of Poland you want included.

      On my mother's side my ancestors came from Volhynia,
  and before that Congress Poland, and even earlier the
  Posen area.  On my father's side my ancestors are from
  Hinterpommern, (Pomerania), now in Poland, but without
  the Volhynian connection.  Should I include the Pomeranians,
  or cut them out of the Gedcom?

               Paul Rakow

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