[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] YouTubes re Eastern Europe

Helen Gillespie gilleh23 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 15:32:44 PST 2013

I was interested in finding old photos and images from Wolhynia. Out of
curiousity I typed in "YouTube Wolhynien" in Google and got a series of
mini YouTube hits.  The same applies for "YouTube Ostpreussen" or "YouTube
Westpreussen" (am sure there are some for other areas of interest) Some of
the films are short but others are quite lengthy as they are
documentaries.  Most are in German, however, but for those folks seeking
some background information they might be of value.  Moreso if you can
understand German.

Some also are recent contributions of folks who have visited their
ancestral home.

Some relate to refugees after World War 2 from the different areas. One in
particular interviewed survivors many years later.


 I have only browsed a few but thought it would be worth sharing so others
could view them.  Check out the right side of the screen for other similar

Helen Gillespie

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