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> Hello Richard,
> Welschkorn is maize. See here.
> http://www.badische-seiten.de/alemannisch/lexikon.php?le=2992
> Bianca

If you have read my first E-letter you are aware I included (3) URLS
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckwheat
> http://www.dict.cc/german-english/Schwarzes+Welschkorn.html
> http://translation.babylon.com/german/Welschkorn/#
and (2) choices Corn (Maize) and buckwheat (buchweizen)

The German term "korn" refers to "grain" i.e. "Welshkorn.. . ." Is Welsh grain our South American Maize? Or is it Buckwheat? Both are referred to as Welsh grain.

Two definitions exist, Maize is what we call in English "Corn" of many varieties, thanks to the Mexicans and South Americans.

The Odessa area does produce corn. Today, Lots.

Buckwheat is a short season crop and Russia is the world's largest producer of it. Note it states over 800,000 tons annually.
Country	Area Harvested (ha)	Production (tonnes)
Russian Federation	843,200	800,380
Two choices exist as to which grain crop was indicated, 1.corn or 2. buckwheat.
Here is another URL
What did they produce in the 1800's in the Odessa areas of cultivation?

Herr Benert will have to do more research to discover which one was intended by his query.  I also am now curious. I am not that familiar with the Odessa area farming practices.

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