[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Travel route to Volhynia, etc.

Don Miller dnmiller at whiz.to
Mon Oct 7 08:10:35 PDT 2013


my family resettled from the province of Kalisch (specifically the village of Besiekiery) in 1872 to Korez, volhynia.  
1.  how far is it?
2.  what route would they have taken?
3.  are the roads pretty much the same ones today as then?
4.  what time of the year are they most likely have travelled?
5.  how long would it have taken them traveling by horse and wagon?
6.  did most people who resettled to these areas travel in groups?  
7.  were there some wagon trains?
7.  has anyone else researched these general kind travel in groups of questions?  Findings?  Written about them?



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