[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] search for a courageous German family

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To add another note, Andrew's email address is andrewless at hotmail.com

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  A few days ago the following letter was sent to the SGGEE webmaster address.  It was clearly intended for the entire mail list, so I am forwarding it to everybody, hoping that, against all odds and possibilities, someone may have knowledge of the event described in Andrew Orlowski’s letter.  The photo which Mr. Orlowski sent as an attachment has, through my inadvertence, been lost.  If anyone would like to see it, perhaps you could send a request for this to Mr. Orlowski.

  In hopes that this brave family can be identified,

  Dick Benert
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          Dear Sir/Madam!
          My name is  Andrew  Orlowski,  for  the last couple  years  I  m  doing  research  about my  family   from Gabin  (  before  WW2 Gombin ),  My  family  they are  not  German , but   during  war time  it  was   April 1942 one  of the German  Family helped my  family.  They organize  transport   (horse  car)  and during  night time   they  took my  all  family   two adults and  3 kids   and  take  them  to  Zakulin near Lowicz( LOWITSCH) I know from  told  story   in  this  German family  was  German  soldier  maybe  officer  and  he  had  some   farm in  Zakulin (  I  heard  German  Officers had  land  from  government   after they  confiscated from  polish  framers). Any  way   the  German family helped  my family  and  they  hiding  two  jewish  boys  too,  I had  two  pics   from that  time,  Myabe  is  any chance   to find  this  family   , please is  very important  for  me  and  for  survivors.
          On  the pic  is  in  the middle  my  grand father  on  his  knee is my  father  on  right  side  next  to  him  is  my  grant  mother  with  some  boy  ,  people  around  them  they  are  German  family  and  if you look  left  next to my grand  father  is   guy   in  German  uniform.  
          I know is  hard   but maybe  is  chance  to  find  this  family. Thank  You !
          kind regards 
          Andrew Orlowski
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