[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Need Help Locating a Town in Belarus

Nadia Anderson anderson.nadia at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 13:19:01 PDT 2013

Dear List -

First, I want to thank Jimmy Gerum for his help last week in deciphering
the Ship Manifest for my gr-grandfather!  This information has led me to a
second question about the last name of my gr-grandfather: Oscar Cilz. Based
on my research so far, this seems to be an incredibly uncommon last name
and I haven't turned up a lot of leads. The name is spelled Zilz on his
ship manifest (1912). Later on his Naturalization  records (1914) it was
spelled Cilz.

I am wondering two things:

#1 - anyone else has come across the last name Cilz/Zilz?
#2 - if anyone with more knowledge of Polish/German/Russian last names can
suggest alternate spellings of this name for me to include in my search?

Thanks so much,


On 7 October 2013 19:19, Nadia Anderson <anderson.nadia at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am trying to find out more information about my gr-grandfather's
> history. His name was Oscar Cilz/Zilz and his Naturalisation Records list
> Grodno as has birthplace. This is helpful, but because Grodno is both a
> town and a region I am trying to narrow it down further.
> His Ship Manifest also lists Grodno as his last permanent residence, but
> there is more information that I cannot decipher, including a place of
> birth and an address for his father Carl Zilz. I just don't have enough
> familiarity with the Belarus region &/or I am not very good at reading this
> style of handwriting, so I haven't been able to puzzle out these two words.
> I am wondering if someone would be willing to take a look at the ship
> manifest for me?
> Thanks so much,
> Nadia

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