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Hi to all,
I help an older woman researching her family DOBBELSTEIN.
>From the Lublin project I could found some new names and dates for her. But there must be more family members outsite this area. She know some in east prussia and near Radom.
Maybe someone can help?
children: Peter born about 1835.
Peter DOBBELSTEIN married Marianne PILIACKI or Pilacke (daughter of Kasimir PIELATZKA and Elisabeth MERZ) on 8 Jan 1854.
children: Friedrich Georg DOBBELSTEIN born about 1865.
Friedrich Georg DOBBELSTEIN married (1) N. N. 
children: Friedrich DOBBELSTEIN born 1891
          Michael DOBBELSTEIN born 1893
Friedrich Georg married (2) Rosalie POLNAU (daugther of Johann POLNAU and Emilie JANTZ.
children: Emilie DOBBELSTEIN born calculated Dec 1893, died Aug 1901 in Cycow, Lublin
          Eduard DOBBELSTEIN born calculated Mar 1897, died Aug 1901 in Cycow, Lublin
Friedrich Georg married (3) Amalie JANTZ (daugther of Christoph JANTZ und Luise POLNAU) on Nov 1900 in Cycow, Lublin. 
Amalie was born 26 Feb 1882 in Gluschitz, Radom and died 26 May 1956 in Oerrel, Soltau, Germany.
children: Olga DOBBELSTEIN born Oct 1901 in Cycow, Lublin
          Sigismund DOBBELSTEIN born Nov 1903 in Cycow, Lublin
          child DOBBELSTEIN born Apr 1906 in Cycow, Lublin and died Apr 1906 in Cycow, Lublin
          Otto DOBBELSTEIN born Oct 1907 in Cycow, Lublin and died Jan 1908 in Cycow, Lublin
          Valerius DOBBELSTEIN born Jan 1909 in Cycow, Lublin
          Karl DOBBELSTEIN born 28 Jan 1912 in Cycow, Lublin 
Hope for some new names and informations about this family
Greeting from "good old germany"
Carsten (Wöhrmann)

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