[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] extractions from Michalki Rypin Parish

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Hi Charlotte,
I have done a full name extraction from the Michalki-Rypin Parish from 1810 to 1865, the only years available from LDS (films 715096 to 715102) and I am in the process of going through the parish records a second time extracting dates and relationships between the parishioners and putting the information into Legacy, connecting families, etc..  The information up to about 1845 has been submitted to SGGEE and should be in their Parish Records Database.  When I am finished all the data will be in SGGEE's databases (including the Master Pedigree Database) but for now contact me for a full search.  

For those interested, there are several of us that are also extracting Lipno and Sierpc, also in Dobriner Land, and putting the information into Legacy since the families in this area moved between these parishes frequently.  Anyone interested in these parishes should contact me and I can have someone respond with what information we currently have.

I look forward to getting back to my own research someday but it is so much fun seeing these families come together and learning about how they lived from the comments added by the Pastors.


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Thank you, Earl, 

for doing the extractions from the Michalki Parish. MUCH work! 

And thank you for my personal lead...Yes, if Louise Weichmann's mother / father came from Poland (which is also my guess, since Louise sometimes stated that she was born there) then her mother's maiden name of German Bondermann, may indeed have  been spelled Polish  Bademann. This is my first experience with anything on the Polish side, so didn't know about the spellings. Unfortunately, I have no data regarding Louise's parents other than their surname and that they were in Heimthal when Louise married Herman Hoser (umlaut O). I will check Odessa again and see if I can find more on Weichmanns - thus leading to Bademann/Bondermann. 

Are the Michalki Parish records searchable yet? Or will that be a while? If they are searchable, I (and maybe others) could use the link - if available. 

Again, thanks for lead and your work, Charlotte. 

Charlotte DuBay
hoeserhistory at aol.com

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