[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] extractions from Michalki Rypin Parish

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My Meyer family was from Lipno - Torun areas.  Great grandfather (Ferdinand
Jan)Ferdinand Meyer.  His father was Michal Meyer b 1826, Poland married to
Ewa Kraus b 1835, Poland.  GG Ferdinand was born 14 June 1859 Wiesendorf
(Russia Poland) d 2 January 1924 Corliss, Ottertail County, Minnesota
(stomach cancer).  He was married to (Ludwika) Louisa Wilhelmina nee
Sonnenberg b 19 June 1861 Skrzpkowo, Poland (near Lipno), d 20 June 1941,
Corliss. Ottertail County, Minnesota b. 22 June 1941, Perham, Corliss
Township, Minnesota. (Gallbladder cancer)

As a young girl I remember going to her funeral.

They had 9 children-  first one did not live and my grandfather was the
second born.
On Oct 20, 2013 5:37 PM, "Earl Schultz" <Earl.Schultz at telusplanet.net>

> Hi Charlotte,
> I have done a full name extraction from the Michalki-Rypin Parish from
> 1810 to 1865, the only years available from LDS (films 715096 to 715102)
> and I am in the process of going through the parish records a second time
> extracting dates and relationships between the parishioners and putting the
> information into Legacy, connecting families, etc..  The information up to
> about 1845 has been submitted to SGGEE and should be in their Parish
> Records Database.  When I am finished all the data will be in SGGEE's
> databases (including the Master Pedigree Database) but for now contact me
> for a full search.
> For those interested, there are several of us that are also extracting
> Lipno and Sierpc, also in Dobriner Land, and putting the information into
> Legacy since the families in this area moved between these parishes
> frequently.  Anyone interested in these parishes should contact me and I
> can have someone respond with what information we currently have.
> I look forward to getting back to my own research someday but it is so
> much fun seeing these families come together and learning about how they
> lived from the comments added by the Pastors.
> Earl
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> Thank you, Earl,
> for doing the extractions from the Michalki Parish. MUCH work!
> And thank you for my personal lead...Yes, if Louise Weichmann's mother /
> father came from Poland (which is also my guess, since Louise sometimes
> stated that she was born there) then her mother's maiden name of German
> Bondermann, may indeed have  been spelled Polish  Bademann. This is my
> first experience with anything on the Polish side, so didn't know about the
> spellings. Unfortunately, I have no data regarding Louise's parents other
> than their surname and that they were in Heimthal when Louise married
> Herman Hoser (umlaut O). I will check Odessa again and see if I can find
> more on Weichmanns - thus leading to Bademann/Bondermann.
> Are the Michalki Parish records searchable yet? Or will that be a while?
> If they are searchable, I (and maybe others) could use the link - if
> available.
> Again, thanks for lead and your work, Charlotte.
> Charlotte DuBay
> hoeserhistory at aol.com
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