[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Schmidt family from Sompolno region

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Hello Martin,

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Some years ago I have checked the whole Konin records for the surname 
There I have found only one daughter of the farmer Michael Schmidt *abt. 
1801 and his wife Susanne Greger *abt. 1807:
Julianna (= Juliane) Schmidt
* 24. Jan. 1845 in Skulsk, Konin
~ 18. Feb. 1845 in Konin
witnesses were August Sawary, 40, tenant in Skulsk and Gottfried Neumann, 
52, pizewcznik (translation = ?) in Mielnica,
godparents: August Sawary and Mrs Augustine Esse. I send you a photo of this 
record with the signature of your ancestor Michael Schmidt. The language is 

Greetings from Solingen, Germany,


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> Hello,
> I'm brand new to SGGEE.  I am trying to research my family which emigrated
> to the US from the area around Sompolno.  My grandfather was Rudolph
> Schmidt, born in 1892.  I have never seen his birth certificate but I have
> a WW II era record showing that his father was named Godfryd Schmidt, born
> 1851 in Zakrzewek (I'm not sure of the spelling since the hand writing is
> difficult to make out).  His Father's name was Michal and his mother's 
> name
> was Zuzanna Schmidt nee Gregor.
> My other grandfather was named Otto Kalis (born 1897) and his emigration
> record states that he was from Koski, which I also believe was around
> Sompolno.  His father's name was Wilhelm Kalis, and his mother was Emma
> Pubantz.
> My grandmother's name was Meta Nikolai (born 1907).  Her Father's name was
> Emil Nikolai, and her mother was Alvine Raditz.
> If anyone has information regarding any of these people I would appreciate
> your help.
> Martin Schmidt
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