[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] DNA differance

rhonda simpson garynrho at live.ca
Tue Oct 22 20:19:17 PDT 2013

I went with 23andMe, I wanted the health data too.  Then I uploaded my 
genome to Gedmatch a third party Genealogy DNA site (free).  Also used 
Promethease for more medical info on my genome that 23andMe didn't test for 
(also free for slow download or $5. for fast.) There is also a mailing list 
on Yahoo, DNA Newbie that gives some pretty good comments on different 
companies by users.  Maybe read back on some of their posts for some first 
hand comments.  I am totally happy with 23andMe and from all I've read, I'm 
glad they are who I tested with..

My biggest complaint with 23andMe is their family tree is a pain in 

I've also had about 50% of those "proposed cousins" that I contacted 
respond.  So far, only 1 confirmed paper documented match.

There's a review chart here for the companies. 


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