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Some of you on the List who live near Salt Lake City may be interested 
in attending the FEEFHS (Federation of East European Family History 
Societies) workshop in mid-November. They have space for four more 
registrations. Details can be found in the forwarded email below or on 
their website here:

Sigrid Pohl Perry

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  FEEFHS e-news

      October 2013

still a work in progress

      *Four Seats Available*

We have space for four more participants at the upcoming /Finding Your 
Immigrant Ancestor /workshop to be held November 12-15, 2013, in Salt 
Lake City.

Workshop includes Family History Library orientation, three mornings of 
instruction, three afternoons of research, consultations, Friday night 

Details and registration may be found at: feefhsworkshop.org 

*Summer Research - Fall Immigrant - What is the Difference?*

This is the first year that FEEFHS has offered a fall workshop. 
  Interesting enough, it has caused a bit of confusion.  Our annual 
*/Eastern European Research Workshop/* held in July or August of each 
year focuses on conducting research in the various countries our 
ancestors lived in.

So what is the new fall */Finding your Immigrant Ancestor/ *workshop? 
There are many researchers who are yet unable to benefit from the summer 
workshop to the fullest extent because they haven't yet found the 
village where their ancestor lived.  This new workshop will provide 
instruction and assistance to participants specific to identifying that 
valuable piece of information.  The village of origin is found by 
researching in US and Canadian records.  Once found, some introductory 
information about geography will assist the researcher in pinning down 
where that village is located.  Now the summer workshop instruction 
becomes more useful.

Instruction at the fall workshop will be provided by instructors 
familiar with US/Canada as well as Eastern European records, but the 
focus is on this side of the pond.  Volunteers will man the computer lab 
each afternoon, and consultations will be provided daily for each 

      *FEEFHS Resources*

The FEEFHS webmasters have worked diligently for years to maintain the 
most up to date information possible on the FEEFHS website - links to 
valuable country and ethnic resources as well as maps.  It is a massive 

At the summer workshop we announced a pilot program -  "adopt a 
country".  Anne Norris of Birmingham, Alabama kicked it off for us with 
a review of what is presently on the Slovakia web page.  She found a few 
links that needed to be updated as well as some new information.  We are 
presently in the process of working through the updates as we also 
rework the website format a bit.

We are accepting volunteers to help us keep this valuable resource up to 
date.  If you are interested in adopting a country of area of focus, 
please email us. 
<mailto:conference at feefhs.org?subject=Adopt%20a%20Page&body=I%20am%20interested%20in%20assisting%20with%20the%20FEEFHS%20website%20by%20adopting%20the%20________________%20page.%20%20Please%20email%20me%20additional%20information.> 

  *Feature Stories*

*Featured Speaker*

Last summer Milan Pohontsch was one of the presenters at the annual 
Eastern European Research Workshop.  He has become such a favorite, that 
we couldn't resist asking him to speak at the closing dinner this fall.

Topic will be /Chasing the Elusive Ancestor. /


*Call for Writers, Call for Speakers*

As we work to get our FEEFHS e-news out with regularity, we hope to put 
together a quarterly newsletter with more detailed information of 
interest to FEEFHS followers.  If you are interested in contributing, 
please email us 
<mailto:conference at feefhs.org?subject=Writing%20for%20Newsletter&body=I%27m%20interested%20in%20writing%20for%20the%20newsletter.%20%20Please%20contact%20me%20with%20more%20details.%0A%0APlease%20put%20your%20name%20and%20area%20of%20interest%20here%3A>. 
  We are hoping to get our first official e-newsletter out by February.

On that same topic, we will be issuing a Call for Speakers for our 
upcoming /Eastern European Research Workshop/ to be held in Salt Lake 
City, August 12-15, 2014.  If you wish to be included on that list, 
please notify the conference administrator.conference at feefhs.org 
<mailto:conference at feefhs.org?subject=Call%20for%20Speakers&body=I%20may%20be%20interested%20in%20submitting%20a%20presentation%20proposal%20for%20the%20upcoming%202014%20workshop.%20%20Please%20add%20me%20to%20your%20list%20to%20receive%20the%20Call%20for%20Speakers.%0A%0APlease%20put%20your%20name%2C%20address%2C%20email%2C%20and%20phone%20here%3A> 



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