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At most craft stores (Michael, JoAnn's) you can purchase artist portfolios
that are great holding those precious documents, but especially those that
are often times larger - like 7x11".  They are archival/acid free,
reasonably priced, and very easy to store.  

I received a slew of documents from a 2nd cousin after her parents died
(Christmas in July).  One of those documents was an original (yes, original)
naturalization document for my great-grandparents and the children that were
still living with them in 1906.  I knew right away that these documents
needed special protection.  After scanning them, I put them in artist
portfolios to protect them.  

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Found an interesting - and easy read with photos - article on preserving
your family papers.  Just a reminder for those just starting their research
and those with original documents.  The article is from the National Library
of Ireland so some of the terms might be different - what we call scotch
tape they refer to as sellotape


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