[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] What can substitute for Ev.Gramsdorf records b/m/d/ ?

Paul Rakow paul.edward.luther.rakow at desy.de
Sat Oct 26 11:09:09 PDT 2013

  Hello Cathy,

        I also have ancestors from Kreis Kolmar (in my case,
  from the village Zelgniewo, near Pila/Schneidemuehle). I've
  found government records about my Zelgniewo relatives in
  archives in Berlin, Bydgoszcz, Pila and Poznan.

      If the church records are missing, there are probably
  other records you might look at - I found a lot of interesting
  material about Zelgniewo in the records from the "Landratsamt
  Kolmar", which are now in the Poznan Archives.

     One thing in the Landratsamt records that should help you are
  the draft records [Militaerpflichtigen] for Kreis Kolmar from
  1833 to 1891, which list birth dates and parents for men born from
  about 1815 onwards. (This can also tell you how tall your ancestor
  was, and if he was fit enough to be a soldier).

      The Landratsamt collection also includes school records for
  many of the villages in Kreis Kolmar - in there you might find
  lists of pupils, with their parents or guardians named, and
  lists of contributers to the teacher's salary, which are a bit
  like a substitute census.

      I did a quick check on
  and I see that there are school records from Wischin, 1824-1850,
  in the archive in Pila, as part of the fond "Akta gminy Budzyn".

           Paul Rakow

  Cathy Walters walters.cathy at yahoo.com wrote:

>1841-WWI, family lived in Wischin Hauland kreis Kolmar, what can
> I use to substitute these missing records with ?
> Where would I find person's leaving area permission 1861,1869,1884
> & would person from USA 1884 get permission coming & leaving there?
> My guess is my gr.gr.grandfather Karl Fedder(Vedder/Vetter) may had
> died circa 1878 had second marriage after 1850- I've had no luck at
> the Poznan project nor basia.famula.pl, I've double cousins unknown
> full names & dates-who were still there 1918-list of wounded,missing
> & dead. 
> I need something to brake these brick walls-what can I do & what
> can't be done ?
>                    Cathy in Elgin, Minnesota

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