[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] On-Line Church Book Images from Volhynia

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You were probably looking at his website.


Clicking the Inwentarz  on the left side bar will take you directly to a long list of churches citing various records in each parish.    All these records are in the AGAD archives in Warsaw.

If you see SKAN and  galeria ze skanami in blue, you will be able to view the original records.  

Note:  the file number shown on the opening page is not an LDS film number.


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  I recently stumbled into a website that has images of Lutheran Church  
  documents more recent that those included on the 1830-1885 Odessa  file.  (For 
  example, I found my grandfather's 1890 confirmation record from  
  Roschischtsche.  It was in Cyrillic letters except that the Confirmant's  name was also 
  given in German.  The document was numbered  PL_1_439_214_0096.jpg.)  
  Unfortunately, I cannot find my way back to that  website (I was using Google 
  Chrome and had the history feature turned  off).  Can anyone tell me that site's 
  address?  Daniel  Wagner
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