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I noted your reference to Kaschube and thought I should clarify that this is neither a surname or a place name.  Kaschube is a somewhat derogatory reference to Germans with origins typically in eastern Pomerania or western West Prussia.  The Kaschube (like the Prus) were originally a Slavic tribe closely associated with the Poles yet with a unique culture and language or dialect.  They have in essence disappeared though I think there are efforts to try to save the language.  

Germans who lived in this Kaschuban region were tagged with that name, in part, I think, because of the German dialect they used.  They were considered to be of a lower class by Schwabians and other "high German" speaking Germans.


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Thank you Petra and Edelgard,

I'm certain that Friedrich Wilhelm must be my great grandfather. I would
have never been able to decipher that document without your assistance.  I
could barely make out the word Kalis.  I'm not certain which of the two
Emil Nikolais might be my relative, although I do recall the name of
Kaschube being mentioned by my grandparents.


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