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Kublik is also found in the Lublin Project database. As with Kaschub/e, 
there are many more brides and mothers with this surname than grooms and 

Sigrid Pohl Perry [still in Poland with my Pohl ancestry]

On 10/31/2013 12:51 PM, Edelgard Strobel wrote:
> The first surnames in Germany developed at the beginning of the 12th 
> century. Some people were named after their heritage or ethnicity:  
> Reimann = Rheinmann = a man from the Rhineland, Mittelstaedt from 
> Mittelstadt or Mittelstetten (diff. places), Noerenberg from 
> Noerenberg near Szczecin, Preuss = somebody from Preussen (Prussia), 
> Pohl from Poland, Russ from Russia... and Kaschube from Kashuby. They 
> also could be merchants, who travelled in this area.
> Another Kashubian surname that I am researching is "Kublik".
> Edelgard
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