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> Hello Otto,
> Read your Epistle to the Non-believers, and am still left with the major question of: How in the world does this DNA thing link you or me to the past people long gone without them having provided a sample spit, or whatever?????.
> Dan B.
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Afternoon Dan and Gerry,

Lack of understanding does not alter the process. We have survived through millennia, passing our code to next of kin so we can ask these questions.

We are working with computer "models" created in a specific database.
On 23andme Ancestry Composition none of the ethnic models are less than 500 years old. Modern transportation has muddled the genetic code to a point where it is difficult to point at a precise vicinity.  We are all over 99% the same.

Example: Neanderthal. (Homo neanderthalensis)  A human group wandering the European continent some 35,000 years or more ago. Examples of them were found in Neander's valley near Düsseldorf. Bones are ground, DNA extracted, code placed in a database and an algorithm (a software formula) compares my DNA against it. Mine is 2.6% the same as the Neander valley resident.  The first humans with proto-Neanderthal traits are believed to have existed in Europe as early as 600,000–350,000 years ago.  Homo sapiens married into them, absorbing them and their hardiness.

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