[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] County name changes

Erick Krueger erickkrueger at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 14:27:43 PDT 2013

If you're researching in the USA, then there are animated county formation
maps available online, that go year by year and explain how counties

Easiest way is to google search the state name and "county formation map".

A few examples:
Alabama:   http://gordonbush.com/genealogy/maps/AL_formation_maps.htm
North Carolina:  http://www.usgennet.org/usa/nc/state2/amap/nccf.html
Tennessee:  http://tngenweb.org/maps/county-ani/tn-maps/tn-cf.html
and so on.

Looks like a lot of these took data from AniMap, which is available here
for sale:

Hope that helps,


On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 5:21 PM, Rose Ingram <roseingram at shaw.ca> wrote:

> Beth
> Have your sister check her Library for the book  "Map Guide to the U.S.
> Federal censuses, 1790-1920" by William Thorndale and William Dollarhide.
> The Family History Center I use has this book which I found useful for
> tracking the Ingram ancestors.  Grant you it just covers the time of the
> census (every 10 years).  But it does show what counties were created each
> year or blended with other counties.
> I don't remember all the details as it has been about 15 years since I
> used it.
> Rose Ingram
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>   My sister is a Government Information & Data Services Librarian at
> Western
>   Illinois University, and she needs help with something that I have not
> come
>   across in my genealogy research.  I'm hoping one of you have run across
> this
>   situation because it could conceivably happen when we are doing research.
>   Here's her dilemma:
>   "I am writing a review of the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries web
> site
>   and I need some ideas to evaluate it. For example, if someone wanted to
> know
>   where a particular county was at a particular time period..Are there
> records
>   for people who lived in a county that you cannot find because the county
> no
>   longer exists? If so, can you please send me some names of those counties
>   with their states?"
>   As I said, I have not run across this in any of my genealogy research,
> but
>   maybe some of you have.  Please drop me a line with the country name
> (that
>   no longer exists), the country name that replaced it,  and the state
> where
>   all of this occurred.
>   As always thanks for any assistance you can provide.
>   Beth Burke
>   Verona, WI
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