[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Thank you Karl & Otto

Cathy Walters walters.cathy at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 12 20:59:40 PDT 2013

My grand fathers cousin's Rossin descendant-through female line- wanted me & my nephew or my  male 1st cousin Rossin take 23 & me .

My nephew wouldn't respond-though I said I 'd pay for it, I don't blame him being the reason he was born with problems & no insurance would cover him at birth & through life-til he joined Coast Guards,  as a lifer.     My first cousin is under treatments for cancer-I don't know how or if this be a problem ?

My dilemma is they won't take anything but credit card, my son I asked if he would allow me to go through his- twice -he has been thinking about it since last December, our mail box has been waiting since May for him to post.  He is a busy person.

I want mine & my sis-done, Rossin male, would want a female on my grand mothers sisters female descendant-should give Vedder/Fedder line.

Rossin's are from kr. Mogilno, Prov.of Posen, Prussia, believe we are related to those of other kreise's & may solve Rossin v/s Rosin, Rosien, Rozyn,etc...

Vedder mid-late 1700's, Fedder circa 1810-1815 Wischin Hauland kr.Kolmar,Prov.of Posen, Prussia-to 1918/20.

                           Cathy, Elgin, Minnesota

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