[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] borscht

Foote, Daniel dfoote at okstate.edu
Fri Sep 13 09:59:45 PDT 2013

I'm well aware that Borscht is predominately (even originally?) beet-based.
However, I have personally never encountered of Mennonites eating
beet-based Borscht, no matter what region they came from. I am curious if
there is an explanation for this. Climate? Beets vs. cabbage?

A Mennonite cookbook I have has:
- Swiss Galician: beets, onino, parsley, salt, flour, vinegar, cream
- Swiss Volhynia: navy beans, ham/pork hock, cloves, beets, potatoes, sour
cream, onion
- Polish Michalin: soup bone, cabbage, green onions, potatoes, tomatoes,
beets, pepper, salt sour cream
- Polish Ostrog: beets, onions, bacon, flour, half-and-half/cream, salt,
    or: stewing chicken, cabbage, potatoes, onion, tomatoes, salt-n-pepper,
- Russian: soup broth/ham hock, sorrel, dill, sour cream, beet greens,
onion greens, potatoes, green pea pods
or: soup meat, salt, bay leaf, parsley, dill, pepper, onion, cabbage,
potatoes, carrots, tomatoes

I grew up with a type that has: chicken, tomato base, onions, cabbage,
potatoes, dill, bay leaf, etc

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