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Heimthal (Heimtal) sits between Novohrad-Volyhnski and Zhitomir - about 40 miles NW of Zhitomir, and about 50 miles NE of Novohrad-Volyhnski. Right about center of the Volynia region. (East of Luts'k, West of Kiev)

It is now Jasinowka, Ukraine. 

There is also a Jasinowka, Ukraine located NW of Luts'k. THAT town was not Heimthal in the "old days". 

Heimthal didn't have a church parish building until my grandparents left the area; they had "chapels" at people's homes. So my grandmother and her siblings were baptized in different "parishes". 

They did have a pastor. Peter Steltz until 1866 and then one of the famous Wasem brothers came!! Heinrich Wasen was asst pastor at Heimthal and then full pastor at Zhitomir until he retired in 1907. His brother Fred Wasen also served Heimthal and then became regional pastor over all of the Kiev region! Both brothers born in Russian Riga, Latvia. 

A genealogist "friend" traveled to Heimthal some years ago and sent me photos of the cemetery. Germans in the back, Russians (who lived there as overseers) in the front section. 

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