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Fri Sep 13 12:33:53 PDT 2013

Pierogi  are usually farmers cheese (cottage cheese) and or  mashed potato 
or plum fillings in the same dough as the Verenika recipe I found   (what 
nationality are Verenika? it wasn't mentioned)
I'd never seen/heard of - zweiback being soft! .. I'd only had them  hard.
Had to look them up & see that can be eaten untoasted.
A lookup of Porzelki  appears to be deep fried sweet bread? 
Google said no Niejakoakja, but there is "Niejako Akja"..
Which appears in numerous Polish web pages, but not as food.
You've already been corrected on Borscht  (Beet, not tomato) & my 
mother threw away the beet tops,  but wife cooks them into the  Borscht.
(enquiring minds need to know)
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dfoote at okstate.edu writes:
 - Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Perogies. However, I do  know that
Borscht is tomato and chicken based ;) , Zweiback are soft, sweet  yeast
rolls (not large crackers), Verenika is plain yummy  and
Porzelki/Niejakoakja are fabulously  sinful.

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