[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] pre and post pages in censuses hold answers

Charlotte Dubay hoeserhistory at aol.com
Sun Sep 15 10:38:40 PDT 2013

Lois writes:
My relatives had homesteaded in Tyndall, Bon Homme, Dakota Territory from 
1873-1885 (this was in the southern part of what is now South Dakota) and moved 
to Eureka.? Two children were born there in 1885 and 1888.? Their oldest 
daughter was married in Eureka in 1889 in her father's house.? The whole family, 
including the newly married, then moved, almost immediately,?to Swanwick, Perry, 
Illinois.? I am surmising that they, not being GR, they did not "fit in".? I 
often wonder why they went to Illinois.? I have found no other relatives there.

Yes,Lois, wouldn't it have been wonderful if they would have written down in a long letter WHY they did
some of the things that they did? Re: relocating to Illinois: maybe you could check their SD neighbors on 
earlier census reports (if they hit a SD census year) to see if there are any familiar names - 
who also relocated to IL. SD took censuses every five years, so you might see something...Also, I have found 
related families on  the census pages both before and after the actual page that held my family's name. It takes some
time, but at our age all we have is time! hah. (And yes, it could be that the German spirit in the Dakotahs was 
overwhelming...but then the question must be asked: why did they go there initially?) Good luck in your search.

Charlotte DuBay
hoeserhistory at aol.com

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