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In researching a peripheral ancestor, I found a reference on a typed Declaration 
of Intention that Helen (Dreger) Lau living in Cleveland, OH and born in 1891, 
was a "German" from "Kzize Nove, Plock, Poland". I'm familiar with the words 
Nowe, the Plock parish, and of "Russia Poland" (with ancestors who say they are 
from either place!) but I can't find Kzize. I'm sure it was probably 
phonetically written as the Nove probably was. Any suggestions? I've seen some 
possible similar names. She was also listed on a passenger list in 1902 (at age 
9) as being from Plock, Russia but on the same trip but on the initial leg from 
Hamburg, the whole family was listed as being from Saratov, Russia (a German 
colony on the Volga?)  On the 1910 census, she was listed (as well as all of the 
family) as being "Aust/German". Wondering if the family/ancestors emigrated from 
Austria/Germany to Russia, gave it up, and then made their way across the 
continent to emigrate eventually to the US. Thanks!

Hi Elizabeth, 
There is a Nova, Poland, near Plock....
Could it be that? 
Then the term Kzize could maybe read Kreise? 
Just a thought...
If it works for you -  I googled Nova, Poland, and got the little town. 

Charlotte DuBay
hoeserhistory at aol.com

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