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Thank you Jerry Frank & Karl Krueger for your explanations on alegata. I'm
sure this will benefit many of those on this list.

Always a pleasure.. :)

Rachael Patterson

On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 7:22 AM, Karl Krueger <dabookk54 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Further description of Alegata and examples of records you will find in
> them can be found on our site:
> https://www.sggee.org/research/parishes/lublin_records/record_types.html#alegata
> This came from the Lublin project. The important thing to keep in mind is
> records for alegata may be found for your couple of interest if either was
> not born and christened in the church where they were married. Essentially
> the church where they married needed to have some documentation of their
> birth, or if one was a widow/widower, then they would need documentation of
> the previous spouse. Assuming these did not happen at the church where they
> would have the birth or death records, the church would need to get that
> documentation from the appropriate church or local authority as a birth or
> death certification (usually copied as a Napoleonic record but not always).
> In cases where it was not possible to get a birth certification then two
> people would testify on the identity of the person which is where the
> Polish term Akt Zeznania comes from.
> Hopefully all this makes this link easier to understand. Note that if both
> the husband and wife were born or their previous spouse died at the same
> church where they were married, you will NOT find alegata for them. Also
> note that all birth and death certifications were not written at the church
> where they were married - they came from another church where ever that
> event occurred so alegata in one year for a church typically have quite an
> assortment of records arising from different churches.
> Karl
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> For a good explanation of what alegata records are, go to
> http://www.jewishgen.org/infofiles/poland/Q2.htmand browse down to Item
> #20.
> If you search Polish Archives for your location, it will tell you if
> alegata are available.  They often include valuable data not shown on the
> marriage record or they may exist when a marriage record does not because
> they were not kept in the same book.
> They are not in any standard format, Napoleonic or otherwise, so they can
> be difficult to read.  They are not alphabetized nor indexed.
> There are some alegata for the Lutheran parish at Rawa Mazowiecka held in
> the Lodz Archive.  I had the opportunity to look through them when I was
> there 2 years ago but did not find any ancestral connections that I was
> hoping might be there.
> Jerry

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