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Dear Joan,
This was well after the war when the Russians had already occupied East German territory. When you talk about resettlement are you referring to EWZ resettling Germans further west in Poland or resettling refugeess after the war? This will make a difference in where you should look. 
Did your relatives make it out to West Germany? There were other camps in West Germany to receive all these refugees. My family got out by Duderstadt and there was a huge refugee camp just north of Göttingen to receive this large influx of people. 
It would help to know if your relatives were already out of Russian-controlled territory by then. For EWZ camps (where they should have stayed just temporarily) it might help to know where they lived before WW II. Since you say he lived in Poland Berka-Wippe probably does not refer to a EWZ camp since he should have been resettled back in 1940 and thus would have been out of their temporary camp. If he went through EWZ his full application should be on microfilm at the National Archives II in College Park, MD and he was most likely resettled to an area called Warthegau which was a region in Posen. But if he lived on his farm in Poland through most of WW II then he lived further west than Lodz and was not resettled by EWZ in which case you would need to know if he tried to flee the oncoming Russian troops in 1945 and how far did he make it to the west. 
Please feel free to ask me more questions since I have my families/friends experiences during this time to compare with as we were resettled by EWZ from the Lublin area to Warthegau and then fled in late winter 1945 to the west as the Russian troops were coming in. A lot depends on how far west the refugees made it to determine what direction their lives took after the war.

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Has anyone heard of a resettlement camp called Berka-Wipper?  My
grandfather's brother died there as a sick, old man in February 1946 after
leaving his farm in Poland to go back to Germany.  I can't seem to locate
it now.  His wife, daughters, niece all were with him.  Many people died of
sickness and malnutrition in the camps. Thank you.

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