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I just did a Google search for Berka-Wipper and it seems other people doing ancestral research are also looking for it. But a German Wikipedia site gives what seems to be the answer you are looking for.
The town Berka lies on the Wipper River. It's Kreisstadt is Sondershausen and it lies in Thüringen very close to the old West-East German border. So I believe this was a camp to receive refugees from the east. So he did make it out to West Germany but I guess his health so bad and food was scarce after WW II that these conditions were too much for him. This area was a bit south of where my family got out.

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Has anyone heard of a resettlement camp called Berka-Wipper?  My
grandfather's brother died there as a sick, old man in February 1946 after
leaving his farm in Poland to go back to Germany.  I can't seem to locate
it now.  His wife, daughters, niece all were with him.  Many people died of
sickness and malnutrition in the camps. Thank you.

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