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If you go to www.google.de and search "Berka/Wipper", you will get multiple hits.  Most of the information is in German, but Google can translate it into understandable English.  As an example, here is an excerpt:
 Ab 1944 begann der Zuzug von Ausgebombten, Flüchtlingen und Vertriebenen durch die Folgen des Zweiten Weltkrieges. Im Jahr 1950 wurden die Dörfer Stockhausen, Jecha und Jechaburg endgültig der Stadt Sondershausen hinzugefügt.

The Google translation:

As of 1944, the influx of bombed, refugees and displaced persons began by the consequences of the Second World War. In 1950, the villages Stockhausen, Jecha and Jechaburg were added finally the City Special Hausen.

Not perfect, but you can follow it reasonably well.  I would say, ". . . displaced persons as the result of the Second World War." and ". . . were finally added to the city of Sonderhausen".  Unfortunately, Google translates "Sonderhausen" as two words "Sonder" and "hausen".

I noticed one of the "hits" mentioned cemeteries.  Perhaps you can find a cemetery record for your grandfather's brother.

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Has anyone heard of a resettlement camp called Berka-Wipper?  My
grandfather's brother died there as a sick, old man in February 1946 after
leaving his farm in Poland to go back to Germany.   I can't seem to locate
it now.  His wife, daughters, niece all were with him.  Many people died of
sickness and malnutrition in the camps. Thank you.

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