[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] vital records in Koszalin

PETER VON LIPINSKY lipinsky at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 29 15:53:30 PDT 2014

This message is for Carol Duff.
I checked the Polish state archives and they show only that the  Evangelical - Augsburg Church records are 
deposited in Koszalin. I also checked the Evangelical Zentral Archive archive  in Berlin and also the LDS holdings. 
But no luck. The Polish  PRADZIAD  archive has  a few records from the NSDAP , some pension records and a few other records, but no civil records from Jagolitz.  The Standesamt form Jagolitz was in Drahnow. Jagolitz and Drahnow are both in the District of Deutsch Krone.  But I can't find any information as to where the civil records are now. You may want to contact a  Mr. Gunthard Stübs / Stuebs  at  < post2013@#pommerndatenbank.de > 
I received a reply from Mr. G. S., but I think that you should reply yourself.  You may also want to enter into Google 
 < Der Wohnort Jagolitz >. Question Carol : Can you read German ? This would help if you make contact with the 
Pommern people. Mr. G. Stuebs.
Peter von Lipinsky  

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