[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Fwd: brick wall question

Craig Schiller craigbear at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 17:23:57 PDT 2014

Just a couple of questions for people about areas where I'm feeling stuck:

Firstly, I've had no progress so far on the Paul Schiller issue that I
brought up the last time I posted to the list. Since the year from which I
need a marriage record is after the end of the web-accessible Rozhitsche
scans, I sent a request for assistance to the archives in Lutsk several
weeks ago -- but as of yet I've received no response from them at all, not
even a "we can't help you, futz off". So my first question is, does anybody
on the list have any experience actually getting information out of the
Lutsk archives, or have any suggestions for where else I might be able to

Secondly, another point of difficulty has always been finding a marriage
record for Gottlieb Schiller and Beate Berndt (the patriarch and matriarch
of my Schiller clan so far), as it seems to fall into a year for which
there's a gap in the Grodziec churchbooks. There's a parish history link at
http://www.genea2011.net/grodziec/geschichte/102-grodziec , which I've run
through Google Translate, and was able to determine that there is an
explanation for the gap in question; the church loses its pastor in 1839
and is administered by a pastor from Stawiszyn for a few years. The other
complication here is the Daniel Schiller/Karoline Lemke line in Borowiec;
although I have yet to be able to prove either way whether they were
relatives of my Schillers or not, I keep them on the back burner as clues
anyway -- and I do know of at least one online family tree that has an
*exact* marriage date for them, in Borowiec, inside the exact same gap. So
records for that gap clearly *do* exist *somewhere*. So my other question
at this time is, does anybody have experience of digging into the Stawiszyn
films to know whether records from Borowiec/Grodziec show up in there, or
of figuring out where else to turn?

- Craig, who's getting rather tired of everything I need always being an
insurmountable obstacle

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