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Wed Apr 30 16:45:01 PDT 2014

I have Daniel Schiller / Karoline Lemke who I believe are connected to 
my Leske and Steinbrenner families
but haven't found how also.  What I have for this family is: Daniel b. 
5/29/1822 f. Kristian
m. Marie Elizabeth ?. Married 10/27/1841, Turek, to Anna Karolina 
Lem(p)ke b. 11/10/1823 Borowiec to
Michael Lempke and Kristina Moritz. Daughter Julianna married Marcin 
Steinbrenner b. 1822 in Borowiec.
Checking my copies of marriage records for this area, I don't see this 
one, and I don't have any notes
on where I got this info from.

I have all of the Grodziec and most of the Stawiszyn films on permanent 
loan at my LDS center but
unfortunetly it closed about a year ago and I haven't sent the films to 
another center.

Many of the surnames found in Grodziec came to Milwaukee and must have 
kept in touch since the
Register of Visitors to my great-grandmothers funeral, Ludwika Leske 
Hammerling, are those surnames.
A Gene Schiller was one of them.


On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 7:23 PM, Craig Schiller wrote:

> Just a couple of questions for peopfle about areas where I'm feeling 
> stuck:
> Firstly, I've had no progress so far on the Paul Schiller issue that I
> brought up the last time I posted to the list. Since the year from 
> which I
> need a marriage record is after the end of the web-accessible 
> Rozhitsche
> scans, I sent a request for assistance to the archives in Lutsk 
> several
> weeks ago -- but as of yet I've received no response from them at all, 
> not
> even a "we can't help you, futz off". So my first question is, does 
> anybody
> on the list have any experience actually getting information out of 
> the
> Lutsk archives, or have any estions for where else I might be able to
> turn?
> Secondly, another point of difficulty has always been finding a 
> marriage
> record for Gottlieb Schiller and Beate Berndt (the patriarch and 
> matriarch
> of my Schiller clan so far), as it seems to fall into a year for which
> there's a gap in the Grodziec churchbooks. There's a parish history 
> link at
> http://www.genea2011.net/grodziec/geschichte/102-grodziec , which I've 
> run
> through Google Translate, and was able to determine that there is an
> explanation for the gap in question; the church loses its pastor in 
> 1839
> and is administered by a pastor from Stawiszyn for a few years. The 
> other
> complication here is the Daniel Schiller/Karoline Lemke line in 
> Borowiec;
> although I have yet to be able to prove either way whether they were
> relatives of my Schillers or not, I keep them on the back burner as 
> clues
> anyway -- and I do know of at least one online family tree that has an
> *exact* marriage date for them, in Borowiec, inside the exact same 
> gap. So
> records for that gap clearly *do* exist *somewhere*. So my other 
> question
> at this time is, does anybody have experience of digging into the 
> Stawiszyn
> films to know whether records from Borowiec/Grodziec show up in there, 
> or
> of figuring out where else to turn?
> - Craig, who's getting rather tired of everything I need always being 
> an
> insurmountable obstacle
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