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Wed Apr 30 17:10:23 PDT 2014

Not sure there will be any relation but I am a Hammerling who's family 
was from Mycielin, Kalisch
and the Borowiec and Wiory areas of Konin.
I'm actually looking for 1 sister and two brothers of my grandfather who 
did not immigrate with the
rest of the family, and from what I've learned, they ended up in 
Germany, at least the boys.  Bertha born about 1888,
may have ran off to get married, no word on where she went or to whom 
she married.
Paul was in Marienburg in 1920 and Otto Hammerling, no info on at all. 
Both boys we believe were of military age
so could not leave before the war.

While I'm posting ... I think Paul was what is now Malbork military base 
which was actually a work camp, with a
pretty terrible past.  Is there a way to find records about this place?


On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 5:04 AM, Marie Hammerling wrote:

> Hello, my usband and I are tryomg to get unformation on his family.He 
> was
> born in Lubanow near Lodz Poland  and when he was very young, his 
> family
> got displaced and ended up in Germany after the war.His father was 
> Eduard
> Hammerling(Haemmerling or a with an umlaut).DOB 9/24/01.His mother was 
> Olga
> Haemmerling DOB 11/20/03.Mom is said to be descended from Johann 
> Sebastian
> Bach. His parents never spoke about the past but supposedly, the name
> Gottlieb might be from the grandmother's side and Breier(spelling)was 
> the
> name of Olga's stepfather.We don't have any more information.We hope 
> to get
> back to Poland this year and would like to try to find the family
> farm(location unk) and any other places of interest.Thanks for any 
> help you
> can provide in regards to this family's history and location.
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