[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Lange or Langert record and place name Lantoya, Prussia

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 Hello Karla,

     I looked at the record on line - to me the place `Lantoya'
 looks more like Santopp. That might be the small village Sontopp,
 Kreis Neidenburg in East Prussia, now called Satop (with a hook
 beneath the a).

     Anyway, you should probably get a few more opinions on
 what is written,

           Paul Rakow

> 1. Lange or Langert record and place name Lantoya, Prussia
> (karlann at juno.com)

 "karlann at juno.com" <karlann at juno.com> wrote:

> I have a scan of a death record from Belchatow, Poland from 1848 in
> Polish, and a friend who helped me read it said the key information is ".
> Eva Rosina Hirsch died in Zawada a widow and homemaker age 58 born in
> Lantoja in Prussia the daughter of Bogumil Langert." Two issues: one is
> the name "Langert" : might it be Lange, or is Langert a usual German name
> (here I am not sure if the Polish language is adding the 'ert). Second,
> where would "Lantoya" be in Prussia? although I do not have a marriage
> record for this ancestor, I do have other family records that provide
> some information that may help. A son was born in 1813 in Gadow, Turek,
> Wielkopolskie, Poland.  A daughter  was born in Augustyn, Kaminski
> Lobawskiej, Poland in 1832, but the family lived in Zawaka, Belchatow by
> the 1838 when the oldest son, Johann Michael Hirsch,, was married. This
> would indicate that the family moved south eastward toward Belchatow
> between 1813 and 1838.  I can send the scan of the death record to anyone
> who would like to look at the original script. I could also use some help
> reading the death record of her husband, Karla Walters
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