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Mon Aug 4 09:32:40 PDT 2014

 Hello Deb,

      Are you trying to find out where those villages mentioned are?

      One is clear, Szaradowo is about 8 km west from Szubin.
 In German times it was Szaradowo, Kreis Schubin (it's a village
 with the same name and spelling in both languages).  Szubin/Schubin
 and Szaradowo are both to the west of Bydgoszcz/Bromberg.

 Coordinates for Szaradowo, (according to kartenmeister.com)
 17 36' E,  50 00' N

      It looks like the village Schacharowo is also supposed to
 be somewhere in the same area, in Kreis Schubin, but I can't find it.

          Paul Rakow

>I am trying to help out a friend whose family has ties to my Kulm,
>Bessarabia families and have been unable to find the village on this one
>Any help or suggestions is appreciated.
>Leischner       Anna Maria      2 Mai 1795      Szaradowo, Kalisch     
>Polen   + 26 Dez
>1876. oo Karl Groß      Arthur E. Flegel

>Leischner       Gottfried Friedrich     16 Mär 1817     Schachorowo, Szubin
>Polen   oo Anna Rosine Müller   Arthur E. Flegel

>Leischner       Gottlieb        9 Okt 1796      Szaradowo, Szubin      
>Polen   + 16 Okt
>1861. oo Anna Dorothea Hille    Arthur E. Flegel

>Leischner       Gottlieb                Schachorowa     Polen   27 Jahre.
>oo Dorothea, 22.
>Bruder: Johann, 14. Mutter: Katherina, 56       Heimatkalender

>Leischner       Johann  11 Jul 1803     Schachorowa, Szaradowo, Szubin 
>Polen   +
>26 Jan 1869. oo Charlotte Sidon         Arthur E. Flegel

>Leischner       Rosine  6 Jul 1797      Schachokowa (Scharozowa)       
>Polen   oo
>Martin Gross    Arthur E. Flegel



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