[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Help finding a record or two.

Keith Trott trottkg at telus.net
Thu Aug 7 20:04:34 PDT 2014

Good evening everyone,


I believe I have made a breakthrough on my Fiedler lineage after at least a
decade of fruitless searching.  I'm excited!

I found some anecdotal information on Ancestry.ca (yes, I looked there
before) and need some help.  First, here is my Fiedler tree.


Christoph Fiedler

* unknown (wife 1) b unknown d bef 1878

     - August Fiedler b bef 1878 d unknown in Brazil, South America

     - Rudolf Fiedler b bef 1878 d unknown in Brazil, South America

     - Pauline Fiedler b bef 1878 d Aug 1908 in Mydzk, Volhynia, Russia

        * August Kreitschmann b unknown d 1917 in the Ural mountains, Russia
m bef 1894 in Mydzk, Volhynia, Russia

* Elizabeth Lutz(wife 2) b unknown d unknown m bef 1878

     - Katharina Fiedler b 28 May 1878 in Piaskim, Poland d 23 Jun 1967 in
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

        * Rudolf Patzil b 04 Mar 1874 in Klepush, Russia d abt 1949 in
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada m abt 1899

     - Anne Fiedler b 02 May 1881 in Kostopil, Volhynia, Russia d deceased
in Canada

     - Ludwig Fiedler b 20 May 1883 in Studin, Volhynia, Russia d 12 Sep
1977 in St. Norbert, Manitoba, Canada

       * Hulda Holtz b 05 Mar 1886 in Drashna, Volhynia, Russia d 06 Dec
1971 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

     - Augustina Fiedler b unknown d unknown


I have previously searched for the children of Elizabeth Lutz and Christoph
Fiedler without success but didn't have the birth data for Katharina
Fiedler.  I now believe she was born in Piaskim, Poland.  I don't know where
the town is nor do I know the consistory but feel the date and place are
valid.  My grandfather, Ludwig Fiedler was Evangelical Lutheran and I
believe that Katharina was Christened the same.  However, I have other
anecdotal information that says she became Jewish (when she married??) so I
will need to find her marriage record as well.  Pauline Fiedler married
August Kreitschmann and another source tells me he was Jewish.  So there may
be some mixed marriages here.


If the names of Elizabeth Lutz' children are in church records, perhaps
there will be a record for Christoph's first wife.  That too, I would dearly
love to find out.  Any help would be dearly appreciated.  

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