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the name is: Milke, Louise, geb. Lau.


Betreff: Re: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] translation of church record (in German) needed
Datum: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 13:02:12 +0200
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       The scan isn't easy to read, my best try
 (with a little guess-work) is:

 No 2

 [Died]  February 14, midday, 1 o'clock.

 [Buried] February 16

 Mitke, Louise, geb Lau,  Prussian subject

 [Birthplace] ..onetsky in Poland

 [Age] 66 years

 [Cause] Tuberculosis (Schwindsucht)


    Unfortunately, the most useful entry, the birth place,
 is very hard to read, because it's right by the binding.
 Can you see it any better?

        Paul Rakow
Natalia Yudina wrote:

>I thank  again all listserve memebers who already helped me with
translation of records in German.
>I have a new request:  record No. 2 from the page of the church book
(Ukraine, Kremenchug) 
  ,  and is it right: the second date is for funeral?
>Mit herzrlichen grüßen,
>Natalia Yudina
>(Moskau, Internationaler Verband der deutschen Kultur)

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