[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] needing help in translation of places

Paul Rakow paul.rakow at cantab.net
Wed Aug 20 10:58:27 PDT 2014


    It looks like you are in luck,

         Gottlieb's birth place is given as Julianow, Tarlow,

         Justine's as Tarlow, gubernia Radom.

         I didn't see any birth-place for Eva.

 Julianow is a village about 5 km from Tarlow.

  For short details, see

 (I hope these URLs work - they contain Polish characters,
 which might not e-mail safely)

 If anyone wants to check, the three pages are at:




   This makes me jealous of you western Volhynians. Those of us
 from the east don't have such good marriage records.

             Paul Rakow

Corinne Arnold wrote:

 Dear Members,
I would greatly appreciate help in translating the names of the locations
mentioned in these 3 marriage records.
    There are 2 entries in SYNG 40
- page 155, entry 74, the marriage of Gottlieb Hoffmann to Juliane Gesell
in 1877
- page 280, entry 299, the marriage of Justine Hoffmann to August Pohl in

and 1 entry in SYNG 41
- page 94, entry 129, the marriage of Eva Hoffmann to Johan Michael Grams
in 1881

     Gottlieb, Justine and Eva were siblings to my great grandfather Karl
Hoffmann, and i am hoping these records mention where these people
were born, and so find out where Karl was born.  (Karl married in
Canada and the record does not provide his birth information.

Again I would be very grateful for anyone's assistance,
Corinne Arnold
mcjr.arnold at sasktel.net

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