[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] DNA Testing.

Krampetz at aol.com Krampetz at aol.com
Mon Aug 25 14:14:06 PDT 2014

Other than narrowing the area(s) ones ancestors were probably  from,
   and possibly finding someone with close matching DNA markers  who MAY
   be related.   I really don't see much  use beyond those 'finds'.
   If someone is truly interested in their genealogy,   they've already 
   searching for matches, and very likely posted their tree  they already 
   at some site that will be found by other  genealogy seekers, and 
   both will match what they have.   
   Should two people's DNA have a  match but no  ancestors of either 
   then what?
    DNA analysis keeps announcing ever wider, and ever less  expensive 
    Also, the myriad changes in what you can do with  your DNA readout,  
    where it's acceptable to post for comparisons on,   reads to me as a 
    changing headache to track and keep up with.
   I other words,  from what I've read so far - there's more  frustration 
in store
   than clarification and match-ups..
   Is there a simple explanation somewhere where true  benefits are to be 
had at
    this time, with the existing tests?
Sign me:  Skeptic,
Bob K.

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