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I don't see a Volhynia project in the list of projects on the FTDNA website.  The y-DNA that you have may help you link to others with that surname and if they also have a Volhynia ancestry that would or could confirm that your ggrandfather was from Volhynia.  But it depends on how far back the match is.  It is possible that you connect 5 generations back and your line from then to now can still be different than the person you match with.

Another approach that may yield more information is the autosomal DNA test (Family Finder) which you and/or your brother could take.  You will end up with a lot of matches and looking at any 2nd or 3rd cousins (descended from your ggrandparents and gggrandparents) and seeing where they might be from.  Also, if you match with any of SGGEE members from there would also be a good sign.  The advantage of matching with SGGEE members is that it would be easier to ascertain where they are from.  (One reason why I'd like to see everyone in SGGEE in the DNA database--WOW).

I'm not an expert in DNA so maybe someone else can provide more help.  Nothing lost however in doing the tests and seeing what you may find out.



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Is there a Volhynia DNA project at any of the sites? My grandfather, his brothers, and my ggrandfather were supposedly born in Volhynia. All we have right now is my brother's Y-DNA as my father, grandfather, and the great uncles have all passed. I would like to provide my brother's DNA results to look for matches. 

My grandfather was born in Nowiny, Volynhia (place name from his WW1 record) which I haven't been able to find. His brother was born in Zhitomir (from his WW1 record). That and they emigrated to the US through Bremen in 1906 is all we know.?

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