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I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, Peter, as well as all the sessions.
I would not have guessed that this was your first time doing this. You are a
natural born story teller. 

This is my third convention. Every convention gets better. Thanks to those
who put in all those long hours to make it so.

Joyce Welke Guasch

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 Just a short note in regards to the convention in Calgary!

 What a well planned and informative convention ! Well done convention

 My presentation Saturday evening was my first presentation of this
magnitude in front of so many wonderful people. Of course I was nervous, but
it was also a good beginning and learning  process for me, to be more at
ease at future presentation. My appreciation goes out to all the people who
came up to me Sunday morning to tell me that they enjoyed my presentation.
 Thanks again everybody for your kind words of encouragement. We all learn
from each other as we go along in life. 
 Peter von Lipinsky
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