[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] my search in Sierpc

Paul Rakow paul.rakow at cantab.net
Thu Aug 28 11:00:39 PDT 2014

 Hello Chris,

     I was just about to write and ask if you had looked at all
 the early marriage records before giving up - but I see you have
 found some. I assume from the dates that these are the long
 Napoleonic Code marriage records? These are usually very good
 at telling you where someone was born, or at least in which
 Parish it was - much more promising than death records.

      Were Gottlieb Sr and Jan born before the Knopf family
 came to the Sierpc area?

       Good Luck!
           Paul Rakow

  Chris Knopf wrote:

>Mateusz Knopf, and Julianna Nowakowska, are Gottlieb Sr's parents.
>Gottlieb Sr, and his older brother Jan, are the only two children of
>Mateusz that i know of.  Mateusz died May 30, 1823 at the age of 60.  I
>first learned about Mateusz when i found a record of Gottlieb Sr's
>second marriage (Eleanor died in 1860) in records from Przasnysz
>parish.  I also recently found Gottlieb Sr's first marriage record in
>film 0810848.  0810847 is the film that contains Mateusz' death record,
>and by the way, also contains Jan's marriage record.  I only found these
>records recently and have not finished translating them yet, but i'll be
>happy to share them with you.


> i'm by no means an expert on this, so my question may be a silly one.
> i'm reviewing LDS film 0810847 and have found the death record of my
> gr-gr-gr-gr-gr grandfather, Mateusz Knopf, who died in 1823. While i'm glad
> to have this record, and am grateful that i'm able to find any info at all,
> so far into the past, i'm disappointed at the glaring lack of
information on
> the death record.  The record does not name his children, other than two of
> his sons who were witnesses, the two children i already knew about.  The
> record also does not seem to mention the names of his parents, nor does it
> name the village of his birth.  Without this info, my research may be at a
> dead end.

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