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1)  Some of my American connections worked in the auto industry in
Detroit.  For those that had family in the auto industry in the Detroit
area, this site might be of interest to "fluff out" some family history:

Automotive History Photos Available Online From Detroit Public Library

2) Some images from Russia as she entered WWI.

h <goog_1467168948>

3)  If you had German family in Saskatchewan (or Canada) who disappeared in
the 1920s and 1930s perhaps they were deported during or pre-WWII?:  An
article by a Canadian professor on deportations of Germans from Canada back
to Germany in those years.

Library and Archives Canada has a Thematic Guide on Deportation

To search the LAC archives for Deportation from Canada -
http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/lac-bac/search/arch   then type in the *name
*you are seeking.  Typing in *Deportation from Canada *will elicit too much
and likely not related material. There may not be anything digitized, but
you might be lucky.  Enemy Property files also exist for the war years when
Germans and Ukrainians were considered "enemies of the state" and were
sometimes interned. Or accidents or death or injuries at railway crossings,
murders, federal land grant transfers...always an interesting assortment
found in the Archives. And, if you're lucky, photos.

4)  A thesis by Grant W. Grams entitled:
*German emigration to Canada and the support of its Deutschtum during the
Weimar Republic: the role of the Deutsches Ausland-Institut, Verein für das
Deutschtum im Ausland and German-Canadian organisations  might be of
interest for those whose ancestors came during the 1920s.*

found on the Simon Fraser University website

Index of the thesis is found on pages 13-15  and a bibliography from Page
329  (this thesis is 364 pages long). The thesis has a personal link as
Professor Grams' family emigrated from Germany during this period.
Although not from Wolhynia or Prussia, many ethnic Germans who returned
from Siberia after the end of WWI and found that their homes were gone
either by new habitants or destroyed completely and so moved on - westward
for the most part - to North or South America.  This thesis covers the

BTW - the Lutheran Historical Institute - the Lutheran Church-Canada
Archives - HQ'd in Edmonton - www.lccarchives.com - which houses the
archives of Alberta and BC Lutheran Church-Canada records is facing funding
problems and may be moving its facilities or close permanently.  NOTE:
 This is not the same as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada - which
is HQ'd in Winnipeg - www.elcic.ca
If you are not sure which church your family's Evangelical Lutheran church
belonged to - you can search in the ELCIC database

or in the Lutheran Church Canada directories:



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