[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] One Stone & Clues to 'My Brick Wall'

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Wed Dec 10 19:22:46 PST 2014

I found a site of interest to this group, as well as  to me, called "One 
  subtitled - "in the footsteps of the settlers in Kreis Thorn and  more": 
 The site is in Polish,  Google or Bing make it readable in  English, if 
 There seems to be quite a bit to explore.  Many photos of  cemeteries, old 
  maps and more.
 There are quite a number of 'Achieves' on more pages,  also a  way to be 
  of updates,
  I found this site while searching for "Andreas Krampitz" who is  mentioned
  as a settler in the town of Cegielnik (or Cegielnia) which  is, or was, 
near thorn.
  This article mentions a number of surnames that I  recognized via 
   to (unrelated) Krampitz surnamed individuals.
  Facts about My Brick Wall:
  I have the wedding document from 1794, in Leibitsch,  where Andreas 
  the father of the groom, is present at the marriage of his  eldest son, 
  my 3xGreat GF,  to Anna Maria Fehlau.  (or  Fehlauin).
  No wife of Andreas (mother of Jacob) is mentioned, I assume she  had 
  Anna's father, Gottlieb Fehlauer is mentioned as a  'schoolmaster' in 
  Jacob & Anna went on to have 4 children in Jackowo, near  Czernikowo, 
  births were found in the indexes of the Czernikow Parish  at:  
   My Brick Wall:
   I cannot find the births of Jacob or his other  siblings or anything of 
   The article puts a Andreas Krampitz in Cegielnik  (named Ziegelwies in 
   the early 1800 map in the article),  which is near  Thorn.  Then later 
in Jackowo
   and later generations moving toward Lipno.   I now  believe I need to be 
   in the areas North of Thorn for those  records.   
   Based on those village names,  anyone have  knowledge of the churches I 
should be 
   researching for those records?  
All help, clues & pointers appreciated
Bob K.

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