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Kenneth Browne kbrowne01518 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 15:12:02 PST 2014

On 12/29/2014 05:35 PM, Peter wrote:
> And two more cents from me: Legacy users are limited to running their
> software on Windows. Good Open Source software runs on Windows, Mac,
> and Linux and is uninhibited by operating systems. Can you really be
> sure that anyone who wants to access all of your data is going to be
> using Windows?
> I started using Gramps on Windows while The Master Genealogist was
> still my primary genealogy software. I also tinkered with it on a Mac,
> but it wasn't until I began using Linux as my primary OS that I
> converted my TMG database and Gramps became my primary genealogy
> software.
This is very interesting to me. I used a couple of versions of FTM for 
the first few years of
my genealogy research. I found it OK but after reading about other 
programs, includind
Legacy and TMG I decided to make a switch about four years ago. I went 
with TMG and
one of the deciding factors was that I was able to import my FTM 
database, including
most or all of the exhibits (pictures or other images, such as jpgs of 
census records.

I haven't been very active in research lately but through a local TMG 
user group of a couple
of handfuls of people I learned in a recent email of the 
discontinuance of TMG. The developer
is dealing with health issues associated with age...aren't we all? So 
as a Linux user myself I am
thinking now is the time to move to GRAMPS. Once again the ability to 
convert my TMG data
and import it into GRAMPS is key.

I was using FTM in Linux via WINE and that worked pretty well. When I 
went to TMG I found
WINE could not handle TMG so I went with a virtual Windows 
installation using open source
Oracle Virtual Box. That worked OK but I've recently installed a 
second hard drive in place
of my CD/DVD drive. So when I want to use TMG I do it in a native 
installation of Windows 7.

Moving to GRAMPS will make it so I will have very little need for 
Windows. The only program
I can think of that will require Windows is my tax preparation 
program...once a year. :-)

Kenneth Browne researching: BROWN(E) LEIGHTON TAYLOR CLOUGH/CLUFF 

Just my 2¢

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