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Thanks list! As always plenty of good info.



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I've got a long solid  background working with computers, doing 
 database's, etc.. 
 I have nothing against using  software for what I need,  but I don't see a 
  for any genealogy program -- yet..
  I keep all, on a PC..  happens to be Windows,  but  could be Mac, Linux 
or even
  a mainframe computer.
 I have numerous documents for around 300 people in my  tree.  
  My tree is 'documented' with all the information, any  comments,  and 
names of 
  documents pertinent to them in 2 plain test  files.   
  One on my father's line,  another on my  mother's.   
   I have some of my tree at a couple of genealogy  sites that allow other 
   to find (hopefully) possible common ancestors and  write to me.
  My notes are more complete than any (free) genealogy program  I've tested,
  and there's nothing proprietary about it.    I can  print it,  I can move 
it as
  a collection of: Text, JPG, GIF, PDF, PNG, DOC,  whatever  ..   Even toyed
  with a Web site using HTML. 
  So,  I'm open,   Please tell me what any genealogy  program can do better 
for me?

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