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On Feb 3, 2014, at 6:28 PM, Foote, Daniel wrote:

> Otto, what makes you think it was a church-owned manor? Kikolska doesn't
> mean 'church' Kępa is 'cluster/hillock', and , for instance, Nowy Dwor
> Gdanski was never church land - rather, it was a royal estate, but the
> estate had a manor built on it un the 1560s, it was 'new' and there had
> never been one before. It was called Neuhof, then Tiegenhof until post WW
> II. It was a new manor near Danzig, thus the name
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Hi Dan,
I answered quickly out of memory and may have confused it with another site. . .
I do not have time to research it at the moment, a moot point anyway. -aber macht ya nichts.
At 76 years +, I earn one of those now and then.

*but not the exact location of Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, on the Vistula, Weichsel, Wisła,
the city and county with the Modlin fortress nearby. 
This is the location he is looking for. About 15 miles northwest of Warsaw.
I've been there, I have relatives that were there.


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