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Wed Feb 5 02:29:56 PST 2014


I have a photocopy of the 1833 indexes.  The marriage index shows Christoph Friedrich Baeder as the groom, entry #25.  Bride's name are not given on this index.

And Yes these two names get interchanged or just plan mixed up in some records.

Rose Ingram 

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  Does anyone out there have Film No.: 729292 for Gabin at their family
  history library? If someone does, would they be kind enough to look up item
  25 on the 1833 marriage register. The groom is either Christof or Christian
  Baeder. I have found 6 entries for this guy in a couple of online databases,
  3 say Christof and 3 Christian,  I would like to know which is correct. The
  Gabin registers are not on line yet.


  A scan of the marriage would be nice if possible, if not the correct name
  would be great.


  Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.

  Brenda Brandt

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