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I have used a English Speaking Guide, Interpreter from Warsaw two times in 2002 and 2007. Name is Tomasz Kacer. His email is: tomkacer at poczta.onet.pl  Cell phone:+48601327544 


In 2007 he picked myself and cousin up at a Warsaw hotel and took us to two different archives in the Poznan area, and dropped us off in Berlin. We were with him one week. He mostly is a tour guide for bus tours around Warsaw. He has a daughter that wanted College in the US and evidently married and lives in Florida.  I would highly recommend him to anyone. For the archives he had prearranged reservations . 

Ken Krell 

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Has anyone ever visited any of the following villages in Poland? 
Boginia (near Lodz) 
Magnuszew, Kozienice 

Next month, I'm going to Poland primarily on a tourist trip. But I've 
convinced my non-genealogy friend to go to one or two ancestral towns with 
me. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to do much prep/research. My 
people all left these villages  by the early 1800s, so I'm not sure how long 
Germans even stayed in any of these villages. 

If anyone has visited any of these villages, I'm curious whether there's 
still a German cemetery or old German church. Or any other points of 
genealogy interest I should know about. Or any sources of basic history 
about any of these villages I could read up before I go? 

Also, if anyone knows a translator in Warsaw that I could hire to go with me 
to the village (I usually find that having someone who can speak the 
language and ask some questions is useful in visiting a village.) 


Carolyn Schott 
Author of "Yes You Yes Now! Visiting Your Ancestral Town" 

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